Live Seminar Videos

Series of videos of Dan Schwartz

See Dan Live in Action Below!  From Presenting to MC to TV Interviews, Dan is dynamic and versatile in his delivery.

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How to Remember Anything

This is a series of videos about Memory-Training presented to the Pattaya City Expats Club. See how Dan teaches how to remember anything.

How to remember anything – Pt.1

How to remember anything – Pt.2

How to remember anything – Pt.3

ASEAN Affairs

See Dan on the popular program, Morning Talk providing the latest updates on ASEAN.

Save Our Planet ( IV ) – Daniel Schwartz

Aseans Energy Network on a Slow Boat

AseanAffairs: Asean Tourism at a Glance

US`s Reengagement with Asia

Expats Meeting Interviews

See Dan being Interviewed at the Pattaya Expats Club after giving one of his many presentations.

Pattaya Expats Club – Pt.1

Pattaya Expats Club – Pt.2

Pattaya Expats Club – Pt.3